UVC air disinfection is an affordable lifeline for gastronomy in autumn and winter

UVC air disinfection is currently the only safe way to secure livelihoods in the catering industry in the coming cold season. Any panic-mongering is inappropriate, while idle waiting leads to certain insolvency.

We are at the end of the month of September. Autumn is approaching with great strides and, after the revival of outdoor gastronomy, the catering trade is now still afraid of the consistent application of the infection protection law to the industry. The fact that a too loose handling of the Covid-19 virus directly changes into uncontrolled rising infection numbers is proven by the current numbers of the health authorities.

Without air disinfection, a visit to the restaurant remains a risk despite Corona. Aerosols are the number one risk factor, with autumn and winter considerably limiting sales expectations.

Some communities in Germany are already more affected than at the beginning of the pandemic. A second shutdown may well be politically prevented, but the willingness of guests to enjoy the local gastronomy is nevertheless muted. Those who do not feel well do not generate sales.

The cold weather to be expected in autumn and winter then limits the restaurants and inns to indoor catering, where it is hardly possible to work economically along the legal regulations. Table omissions for keeping distance, compulsory masks up to the table, data collection for tracing infection chains that is problematic in terms of data protection law, etc. make a visit to the restaurant a strenuous undertaking. The danger that guests resort to delivery services and forego an extensive restaurant visit is great.

With SAFETYSPACE you can offer your guests the greatest possible protection against infection and secure your business success independent of political decision-makers and regulatory orders.