Company merger establishes SAFETYSPACE: The first integrated platform solution for sustainable pandemic-proof event venues

SAFETYSPACE guarantees safe encounters in public spaces. For entrepreneurial and social planning security for the transition to an infection-proof “New Normal”.

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to keep the world on tenterhooks, forcing the economy into an existence-threatening corset, especially where physical crowds of people form the basis of the business model. After the historically unique shutdown in Germany, trade fairs, concerts, theater performances, and major events – whether commercial or cultural – remain economically and medically highly uncertain under the given circumstances and legal regulations. And after the summer vacations of 2020, even the classroom for institutionalized school instruction will come under epidemiological suspicion of becoming a “superspreader”. The consequence: Mouth and nose protection for children in school lessons. With SAFETYSPACE this does not have to be the case.

“The society reacts to the world-wide worst pandemic of the modern age uncontrolled panic with a remedy of the premodern age: mouth nose masks”

The sustainable answer to the pandemic situation can only be technology. As digital as necessary, for as many physical encounters as possible.

The transition to an infection-proof “New Normal” has already left the concept phase at SAFETYSPACE and can be booked modularly and individually adapted to the application scenario of your meeting rooms. Using reliable and proven technologies, SAFETYSPACE systematically applies all currently conceivable security precautions to your event – taking into account the latest scientific findings – in order to guarantee the greatest possible protection for visitors. All this fast, uncomplicated and legally compliant.