Air filters for schools and restaurants: SAFETYSPACE already supplies reliable and affordable UVC room air filter concepts.

Traditional UVC technology in ultra-modern room air filtration systems for schools and restaurants already provide a level of safety that political decision-makers are only just beginning to envisage for the future

The decision of the Minister of Economic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart, to plan air filtration systems for schools and restaurants throughout North Rhine-Westphalia is a groundbreaking decision, both for the teaching activities in this state and for the many livelihoods in the catering trade, which suffer considerably under the restrictions of the safety regulations. SAFETYSPACE therefore expressly welcomes the suggestion of Minister Pinkwart to invest in innovative technologies that enable an infection-proof “New Normal”.

Fall 2020 without sustainable indoor air disinfection is a dangerous risk

The coming fall of 2020 in particular will be a special challenge for the school ministries, but also for the students and teachers on site. When the days get colder again and people have to work and learn together in close quarters, the risk of infection may be even greater than it was at the beginning of the pandemic in spring 2020. Although an awareness of infection protection was created among the population over the course of the year, masks are only an isolated remedy that has not been proven to be a sustainable solution for school lessons or for the catering industry. Although the protective function of oronasal masks is unobstructed, the mask does not allow for efficient learning or pleasurable dining.