SAFETYSPACE – Guestroom separation solutions with integrated UVC air purification for the catering industry

The Düsseldorf spin-off for pandemic solutions presents hygienic partition walls for table separation in the catering industry / The highlight: A room air filter – or more precisely – a UVC room air disinfection system is installed in the top of the partition wall

Autumn has already arrived in Germany and infection figures are exploring along the lines of the predictions of virologists and scientific pandemic experts right on time. Covid-19 has become a real problem of the presence of all catering establishments. And while politicians and associations are still debating solutions, restaurateurs rightly fear for their existence. To act now is without alternative for the gastronomy.

With SAFETYSPACE you offer hygiene solutions for your gastronomy far beyond the officially required hygiene regulations

With SAFETYSPACE, you already have hygiene solutions that help you to keep your restaurant business running and provide the best possible protection against infection for your guests and staff. As a rule, our solutions exceed the hygiene requirements for restaurateurs required by the authorities many times over. We establish the high level of hygiene through the professional combination of the currently most effective protection options.

Hygienic partition walls for table separation in the restaurant