Federal funding for the Corona-compatible conversion and upgrading of air conditioning systems in public buildings and places of assembly.

The German government is providing 500 million euros for the promotion of air conditioning systems.

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier: “Covid-19 is here and will stay for the next few months. In addition to what each individual can do to prevent infection, we must also equip our buildings in such a way that infections are avoided as far as possible. That is why we are now quickly helping local and state governments to equip their air conditioning and ventilation systems in such a way that infections can be prevented. In this way, we want to contribute to greater protection against infection in public buildings – both for employees and for the citizens who spend time in the buildings.

BAFA President Torsten Safarik: “When visiting public buildings and places of assembly, people must be particularly protected against infection with the coronavirus. With the new funding, existing facilities can be converted or upgraded and thus be a building block for effective infection protection. Already in spring, the BAFA implemented the BMWi funding program for protective masks and their preliminary products unbureaucratically and quickly. The new program is part of the comprehensive package of measures that Federal Minister Altmaier has initiated to combat the pandemic and its consequences”.

The decision for a UVC air purification system is an effective solution, especially for the threats to the existence of the catering trade and the dangers of everyday office life. The professional UVC air purifiers are available from SAFETYSPACE. In addition to a detailed risk assessment and comprehensive consulting, SAFETYSPACE can also assist you in integrating the equipment into your premises. From branding the devices to a modular-mobile room solution, everything is available. Convince yourself of this proven and trend-setting technology solution for infection protection.

SAFETYSPACE UVC AIR CLEANER V300 LAB E LT certified by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

The SAFETYSPACE room air disinfection units all work with the most modern UVC technology, which has been proven for decades in food and medical technology. Since no UVC light radiation can escape from the devices under any circumstances, the much-cited danger of UVC radiation is excluded. The use of our devices in the overhead area also excludes unconscious manipulation.

The KIT certificate can of course be viewed on request.

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